House Washing

Did you know that the unslightly black and green discoloration you see on your siding is composed of living organisms? If your home gets washed using pressure only, you may get some of the cobwebs and dust off, but the living organism that cause the problem is still left behind. Over the next couple of months that organism with grow back and continue to spread. After a couple of years the whole side of your home will be covered with green growth.

The key is to have have your siding cleaned using effective, environmentally friendly cleaning agents and just the right amount of pressure to safely remove the contaminants from your siding leaving your house looking clean and bright. If you have Shore Window Cleaning, Inc clean your siding, your siding will remain clean much longer and our soft-wash and controlled pressure methods will not damage your home or landscaping.

Types of Siding We Clean

  • Vinyl -Painted or Stained Wood
  • drivit/stucco -Cedar Shakes
  • brick/stone -Engineered Wood
  • Aluminum -Fiber Cement

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